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Bob, it was awesome as well.  I want to thanks you so much for the help. This computer works perfect. It was so awesome that you would be williing to help me to get it working with my phone.. Thanks a million.

Zachariah Ballard

I am very happy with mine!! Just disconnect the old one, this one hooked up the same way and works perfectly! I know that you can find a monitor at yard sales I saw three over the weekend actually... You can get key board an mice at good-will new.

Megan Kelly Stentz

Bought a dual core....nice guy, and the machine works great!

Paul and Steph Melton

Hello. The computer is doing great loads fast and stuff like that.

Cody Brummette

Bob fixed my computer! He was able to get it fixed quickly and was friendly to chat with while it was being repaired!

Laura Fawcett

Got my charger cord today. I'm really enjoying this laotop. Thanks

Zachariah Ballard

Oh ya!! Thanks I will have to do that!!  Thank you so much again!! Your the bestest!!

Kim Cox Dodge

Bob - The one I got from you last year is going great....2 thumbs up...

Bob Seelye

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