About me:

  I refurbish Computer towers from Central Washington University. I buy them by the skid load, install a hard drive some RAM and maybe a video card or a power supply. I install windows and test them. The good ones I offer for sale and the bad ones get scrapped. I only do this as a hobby as I am disabled and can't walk. This means you can get a great deal on a refurbished computer tower.

  I have a Computer Network Engineering degree and am an A+ Certified computer technician. I started in 1981 with a TI-99/4A, and I still fire it up once in a while to remember my basic programing.
  I have worked as a field tech for some of the largest computer companies in the world including Entex, Pomeroy and I was even a consultant for IBM. I have done everything from teaching computer classes, maintaining computers for a rental company, upgrading bank hardware and software and maintanance on the Starbucks computers in the Spokane area.

  Although I can fix your computer, I probably won't. Unless, that is, you have one of my refurbished computers. I have all the parts and know these Central Washington computers inside out.

  I will help non-profit groups and someone in desperate need but my mobility and energy level is not what it once was anymore.
(509) 279-9574