The Future

Do you ever consider what the future will be? Will the earth be a great place to live out your life? Will it be too crowded? Will it be dangerous? Will there be new animals? There is a multitude of questions like these that could describe the future or our world.

I believe that the future will bring a glorious life condition. I think that many of of our current problems will be solved. I believe that crime and violence between people will become a thing of the past. The struggles and conditions that cause bad things to happen will be eliminated. Untimely deaths from an accident will all be done away with. Theft will become stupid and unnecessary. Revenge and jealousy a thing of the past.

Unalienable rights will become a real thing. Everyone believes in the common rights that we all need in order to live. We need air to breathe. In other communities, air might be a commodity that is manufactured and sold. This situation will not last for long before people come together and agree that there shall be no pecking order to enjoy air, and that all people are entitled to have as much as they need. This will make common sense because all people have always had free air to breathe and all that they needed.

Water will become an inalienable right in the future too. Not just water but clean water will be made available to all. The technology to have plentiful clean water will become common and water for your personal use will be free. It should be that way and it will become that way in the future.

Energy will be free. Clean energy will become so commonplace and plentiful that energy to provide  for your needs will be free. Heat and light for your house will be free. Transportation will be free. Basic foodstuff will be free.

Robots will make all this possible. Owning land and businesses will be phased out. Robots working together will do all the things that people used to do, but instead of doing it for riches and power, they will do it for people. For all people.

I believe we will fix all of mankind’s current problems and the only problems we will encounter are the new ones we create.

We have to be better and smarter than the Democrates.

What am I saying? I’m a democrat! I’m a registered Democrat. I voted for Barack Obama, twice! I hated the stupid memes that said he was not an American citizen. Twisted information stretched and based on a April Fools Day prank. He finally released his birth certificate and it was examined by the experts and determined to be authentic. I also hated the insinuations that the First Lady had a penis. Michelle Obama is a very pretty woman! If you do not know this shame on you. Any derogatory comments about her sexuality or gender is from a sick person. Republicans cannot continue to indorse this type of argumentative style. It is beneath the intelligence of the group in general.

As I side with 90% of the Republican policies and politics, the one thing that stands out in my movement from left to right is the factual, intelligent and positive information being shared by some of the smartest people in the world. Ben, Tucker, Sean, Jordan, Steven, Jesse, Greg and Dave to name a few of the guys, Ann, Dana, Kimberly, Tomi and Laura just to name a brief few of the extremely intelligent girls. Jedediah, Elle, Sierra and Prissy combine beauty and spark to highlight a wonderful roundup of articulate speakers. These people use facts and logic to convey their opinions. They do not stoop to name calling or foul dirty attacks that are intended to shut up the opposition. They always produce a logically progressive argument that factually advances their position.

The right side is on the side of Democracy. A republic based democracy. A belief in traditions and traditional roles. A belief in the Constitution and the Amendments that have guided us through a wondrous past and a future destined to be the greatest in the world.


What kind of Patriot are you?

From the definitions on my previous post I can take all meanings of patriot and calculate how I fit in. You should do this too.

I love my country. God, family and country. Sure a lot of people say and feel this from all over the world, but my love for my country goes much deeper than that. Like a true tribesman, I love and revere our place (USA) and our group (Americans), but I realize that I belong to the greatest country ever formed.  Technically a constitutional federal representative democracy, our republic or democracy, call it what you will,  is unequaled in its ability to extend power to a few representatives, while retaining that very power to the people. With this constraint in mind, I fully support the authority and interests of our leaders. This respect and support is backed by my promise to defend our country from enemies or detractors, no matter if they come from the inside or the outside.

I am a patriot.

Are you a Patriot?

Are you a patriot? You cannot answer that question if we do not agree on the definition of “patriot”.

  •  Merriam Webster:

“one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests”

  • Cambridge:

“a person that loves his or her country and defends it when necessary”

  • Oxford:

“A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”

  • The Free Dictionary:

“a person who vigorously supports his country and it’s way of life”

  • Collins:

“Someone who is a patriot loves their country and feels loyal toward it.”

  • Your Dictionary:

“a person who loves, defends and supports his or her country.”

  • The Urban Dictionary:

“A real patriot is someone who loves their country enough to speak up when they see something that needs changed; and not someone who blindly assumes that their government knows best and is always right no matter what.

Originally, a patriot was someone who loves their country and supports it, but won’t blindly follow whatever their country’s government does. These days, it is synonymous with Nationalist, which is someone who blindly follows whatever his country’s government does, and lacks his own ability to think and reason for himself.”


These definitions can seem to cloud the answer. When someone like myself declares that they are a patriot, others can have a wide view of what that means. The idea of being an American patriot is fading into meaningless rhetoric. We should not let that happen,

I am an American patriot! In upcoming posts, I will explain my reasons for choosing the definitions of patriot that I `follow and how that impacts my positions, opinions and politics.

I joined the NRA today

I joined the National Rifle Association. I have always believed in the principles and doctrine of the NRA, I just never gave them any money. The only reason I didn’t join or fund them is they are a powerful organization and my little donation wouldn’t  make any difference.

Today my little donation made a big difference! I joined today with many, many like minded people. Together the numbers will show that intelligent, patriotic, God fearing citizens of this country joined the NRA in droves in response to the left wing agenda against the 2nd amendment.

Go ahead, march David Hogg and  Emma Gonzalez out to give their prepared lines. Let them glory in the spotlight that gives their voices higher value than you and I. Listen to their rhetoric that tears the 2nd amendment to shreds and follow their logic as to why they hold these opinions so strongly if you can. I can’t! They lost me when they said if I didn’t quit supporting the NRA, that I was for killing children. How dare you little asshole say that to me. I have protected and stood up for children and others all my life! Your little 15 minutes of fame may stretch to your whole life branding you as left wing nutcase.

I joined the NRA today. I see through all your lies and deceptions.

From My Cold Dead Hands

There should not be anything scarier than someone or something making you helpless. If it is obvious that you can defend yourself, most predators will seek easier prey.  It is the “obvious” part of the above statement that causes the increase in safety. If you think that the lion is not aware of the size of horns on the gazelle, you are hopelessly confused. In a life and death confrontation both sides size each other up very quickly and the primal fight or flight reflex kicks in fast. Usually the prey runs away, but sometimes it’s the predator that turns tail and runs. This it what happens when a criminal sees that his target is armed. There are no statistics on how often this happens.

If a target is helpless and cannot defend themself, they become a statistic. There is nothing to stop a predator from taking advantage of a helpless victim. A gun is sometimes the only way a person can change from a helpless victim to a force to be reckoned with and to change the outcome of a confrontation.

As a disabled senior citizen, I refuse to be a helpless victim! I cannot run away from a fight. I cannot juke to the side if attacked. I cannot wrestle and subdue a predator that has decided to prey on my weakness. The only thing I can do to prevent someone from robbing, maiming or killing me is produce a weapon that can overpower my attacker. A gun in this circumstance would put me on equal or more powerful footing than the criminal. You must remember that I did not desire or cause this encounter. If he fails because he underestimated his opponent, he is like the lion dying in the grassland after being gored by the antelopes sharp horns. No one is mourning.

I am not afraid of the lion. The handgun in my pocket gives me sharp horns to defend myself. I am afraid of you people that would take my defensive weapon and make me a helpless victim. 

You will have to pry it  “From My Cold Dead Hands”.

Who is brainwashing you?

What is brainwashing? If you believe as I believed for most of my life, brainwashing, was when you were bombarded over a short period of time with intense information designed to change your thoughts from what you believe to what they want you to believe. Am I right? Wasn’t it an evil plot? Or was it a dirty Russian tactic for spys? How about a Clockwork Orange attempt to restrict behavior? They were all radical attempts to change your thinking process away from the critical learning you got from your parents, siblings, teachers ,classmates, and television. Yes, I put television in there.

Television added to my learning. I learned that good guys wore white hats and bad guys black. I learned that good guys shot the gun out of the hand, and bad guys aimed to kill. I learned that good guys prevale. I learned that you should not squirm when caught in quicksand, to be still was better and it gave more time for rescue. Even the bad guys will try to rescue you. Sometimes animals will try to help too. I learned that the whole town will come together for a good cause, and that a good guy could get help from the most unlikely places. I was definitely going to be a good guy.

I did not know that brainwashing was actually a slow process. It was a drip in the background that showed you how to amend your thoughts in order to proceed. Don’t struggle and be a good guy was watched and taught by the parents and teachers as well. All your classmates and families watched Gunsmoke and the Wonderful World of Disney. The slow paced brainwashing from the media got out into the world and it was good. The newsmen told us the news without a political spin, and the television shows helped us calculate our opinions on the news. It was a good system.

There were only 3 channels. Television was easy for parents to regulate. If a show strayed into danger land, it would be switched and something wholesome would be watched instead. Television had rules, and were watched carefully by censors and critics. The bad guy couldn’t kill the good guy and win, period. Sex and nudity was not allowed, in bed, one foot always had to be on the floor. Newscasters were not allowed to tell the public something that was their opinion without stating in advance that it was opinion not news. Opinions were not outlawed, just placed in scenarios where everyone knew it was opinions based on the news that were being discussed. “Meet the Press” and Face the Nation, allowed the newscasters and makers of news to highlight their opinions without infringing on the actual news being produced. “Sixty Minutes” started a trend to document a news story into a real story. They would take the facts of the case and take you down a scenario that was designed to get you to reach the same conclusion that they did. Since it was from the news, we trusted that they displayed all the facts and did not hide or manufacture any information to further their cause. This was something you could believe to be true. This is also all gone. The system of trust I speak of in this paragraph has been dismantled.

All we get now is propaganda. Some rich person or group pushing a political agenda. You can not get a straight news read without the reader spinning it to suit their cause. And their facial expressions are getting ridiculous. The pleasure that Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper get when they read an anti Trump story approaches orgasmic! Hannity has said the same thing over and over so many times that it’s near impossible to hear a new story.

Some of our lawmakers have learned that a large percentage of democrats want to hear something dirty and rotten about President Trump. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or really newsworthy, it gets beamed all over the country because Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters said it.

It is not Russia or any other country that we have to be afraid of influencing our elections. It is the biased opinions and lies delivered as truths from our propaganda  spewing newsrooms.




A VPN is a virtual private network. A network is when two or more computers are connected and can share information. A private network is when the connected computers are isolated from other computers and the Internet and can only share information with each other.

A virtual private network is a way to create a private network without being completely isolated from other computers.

A VPN creates a private network by creating a secure tunnel to a server designed to be shared and one that deletes its logs. You connect securely and encrypted to the server and it relays your request to the website of your choosing. The website you go to, only knows that the server you are connected to has requested to connect. You are just one of many people connecting to this server and if someone like the FBI tries to find out who went to a specific website, they will find out the information is not available.

If you ISP wants to slow down movie streaming for everyone, you will not be affected as they do not know what information you are transferring. If they were able to copy packets in an effort to find out what you are doing, they will find them encrypted and so hard and expensive to decode that it is not worth the time or expense.

A VPN is a must have if you pirate movies, games or software. but that is not the only reason to use a VPN. By freely giving Google and your ISP and many other interested parties your information, you become a commodity to be used and manipulated by them so they make money. Just like the family whose life changed in a instant by the FBI crashing into their home your life could be interrupted too. He had been looking at buying some black power for his primitive rifle while earlier she was looking for a new pressure cooker for canning vegetables. Those two things added up to terrorism.

A large aspect of your life is now being scrutinized by others over the Internet. All of the things you do and the data they are tracking and saving is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!


Bigger more powerful guns and lot’s of them.

Gun owners are not pacifists, you are. You are not going to disarm gun owners with signs and ideology. Marches, signs and protests will not disarm legal gun owners. Your fear of guns and your lack of knowledge of how they work will not disarm us. The only thing that will disarm us is bigger more powerful guns and lots of them. If leftist gun control advocates were able to succeed in getting the government to confiscate all the legal guns in the United States, they would first have to start producing guns. Bigger more powerful guns. They would have to give them to a trusted group of people that were not passifistic, because trouble will ensue. The force to retrieve the guns, will have to be larger, more powerful and certainly more ruthless that the group that they are disarming. Your stupidity in your belief that guns are the problem and confiscating guns is a solution will earn you the opposite. Bigger and more powerful guns and lot’s of them.

My gun.


Your new gun. “New assault rifle will pack a punch like a tanks main gun”

Bury my heart at Wounded Knee

Our government attempted to confiscate all the guns from the Lakota Indians near Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota on December 29, 1890. After many had peacefully handed over their rifles, Black Coyote was reluctant to hand his over as he was both deaf and had paid a lot for it. This touched off the deadliest massacre in American history. Estimates of 300 men women and children were left dead. The Lakota Chief reported that after the gunfire died, word was spread to come out and you would be safe. Many young boys that were hiding came out only to me massacred by the troops.

Brothers, (left to right) White Lance, Joseph Horn Cloud, and Dewey Beard, Wounded Knee survivors; Miniconjou Lakota

“A peoples dream died there. It was a beautiful dream. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead.” Black Elk, medicine man, Oglala Lakota