We have to be better and smarter than the Democrates.

What am I saying? I’m a democrat! I’m a registered Democrat. I voted for Barack Obama, twice! I hated the stupid memes that said he was not an American citizen. Twisted information stretched and based on a April Fools Day prank. He finally released his birth certificate and it was examined by the experts and determined to be authentic. I also hated the insinuations that the First Lady had a penis. Michelle Obama is a very pretty woman! If you do not know this shame on you. Any derogatory comments about her sexuality or gender is from a sick person. Republicans cannot continue to indorse this type of argumentative style. It is beneath the intelligence of the group in general.

As I side with 90% of the Republican policies and politics, the one thing that stands out in my movement from left to right is the factual, intelligent and positive information being shared by some of the smartest people in the world. Ben, Tucker, Sean, Jordan, Steven, Jesse, Greg and Dave to name a few of the guys, Ann, Dana, Kimberly, Tomi and Laura just to name a brief few of the extremely intelligent girls. Jedediah, Elle, Sierra and Prissy combine beauty and spark to highlight a wonderful roundup of articulate speakers. These people use facts and logic to convey their opinions. They do not stoop to name calling or foul dirty attacks that are intended to shut up the opposition. They always produce a logically progressive argument that factually advances their position.

The right side is on the side of Democracy. A republic based democracy. A belief in traditions and traditional roles. A belief in the Constitution and the Amendments that have guided us through a wondrous past and a future destined to be the greatest in the world.