What kind of Patriot are you?

From the definitions on my previous post I can take all meanings of patriot and calculate how I fit in. You should do this too.

I love my country. God, family and country. Sure a lot of people say and feel this from all over the world, but my love for my country goes much deeper than that. Like a true tribesman, I love and revere our place (USA) and our group (Americans), but I realize that I belong to the greatest country ever formed.  Technically a constitutional federal representative democracy, our republic or democracy, call it what you will,  is unequaled in its ability to extend power to a few representatives, while retaining that very power to the people. With this constraint in mind, I fully support the authority and interests of our leaders. This respect and support is backed by my promise to defend our country from enemies or detractors, no matter if they come from the inside or the outside.

I am a patriot.