I joined the NRA today

I joined the National Rifle Association. I have always believed in the principles and doctrine of the NRA, I just never gave them any money. The only reason I didn’t join or fund them is they are a powerful organization and my little donation wouldn’t  make any difference.

Today my little donation made a big difference! I joined today with many, many like minded people. Together the numbers will show that intelligent, patriotic, God fearing citizens of this country joined the NRA in droves in response to the left wing agenda against the 2nd amendment.

Go ahead, march David Hogg and  Emma Gonzalez out to give their prepared lines. Let them glory in the spotlight that gives their voices higher value than you and I. Listen to their rhetoric that tears the 2nd amendment to shreds and follow their logic as to why they hold these opinions so strongly if you can. I can’t! They lost me when they said if I didn’t quit supporting the NRA, that I was for killing children. How dare you little asshole say that to me. I have protected and stood up for children and others all my life! Your little 15 minutes of fame may stretch to your whole life branding you as left wing nutcase.

I joined the NRA today. I see through all your lies and deceptions.