From My Cold Dead Hands

There should not be anything scarier than someone or something making you helpless. If it is obvious that you can defend yourself, most predators will seek easier prey.  It is the “obvious” part of the above statement that causes the increase in safety. If you think that the lion is not aware of the size of horns on the gazelle, you are hopelessly confused. In a life and death confrontation both sides size each other up very quickly and the primal fight or flight reflex kicks in fast. Usually the prey runs away, but sometimes it’s the predator that turns tail and runs. This it what happens when a criminal sees that his target is armed. There are no statistics on how often this happens.

If a target is helpless and cannot defend themself, they become a statistic. There is nothing to stop a predator from taking advantage of a helpless victim. A gun is sometimes the only way a person can change from a helpless victim to a force to be reckoned with and to change the outcome of a confrontation.

As a disabled senior citizen, I refuse to be a helpless victim! I cannot run away from a fight. I cannot juke to the side if attacked. I cannot wrestle and subdue a predator that has decided to prey on my weakness. The only thing I can do to prevent someone from robbing, maiming or killing me is produce a weapon that can overpower my attacker. A gun in this circumstance would put me on equal or more powerful footing than the criminal. You must remember that I did not desire or cause this encounter. If he fails because he underestimated his opponent, he is like the lion dying in the grassland after being gored by the antelopes sharp horns. No one is mourning.

I am not afraid of the lion. The handgun in my pocket gives me sharp horns to defend myself. I am afraid of you people that would take my defensive weapon and make me a helpless victim. 

You will have to pry it  “From My Cold Dead Hands”.