Who is brainwashing you?

What is brainwashing? If you believe as I believed for most of my life, brainwashing, was when you were bombarded over a short period of time with intense information designed to change your thoughts from what you believe to what they want you to believe. Am I right? Wasn’t it an evil plot? Or was it a dirty Russian tactic for spys? How about a Clockwork Orange attempt to restrict behavior? They were all radical attempts to change your thinking process away from the critical learning you got from your parents, siblings, teachers ,classmates, and television. Yes, I put television in there.

Television added to my learning. I learned that good guys wore white hats and bad guys black. I learned that good guys shot the gun out of the hand, and bad guys aimed to kill. I learned that good guys prevale. I learned that you should not squirm when caught in quicksand, to be still was better and it gave more time for rescue. Even the bad guys will try to rescue you. Sometimes animals will try to help too. I learned that the whole town will come together for a good cause, and that a good guy could get help from the most unlikely places. I was definitely going to be a good guy.

I did not know that brainwashing was actually a slow process. It was a drip in the background that showed you how to amend your thoughts in order to proceed. Don’t struggle and be a good guy was watched and taught by the parents and teachers as well. All your classmates and families watched Gunsmoke and the Wonderful World of Disney. The slow paced brainwashing from the media got out into the world and it was good. The newsmen told us the news without a political spin, and the television shows helped us calculate our opinions on the news. It was a good system.

There were only 3 channels. Television was easy for parents to regulate. If a show strayed into danger land, it would be switched and something wholesome would be watched instead. Television had rules, and were watched carefully by censors and critics. The bad guy couldn’t kill the good guy and win, period. Sex and nudity was not allowed, in bed, one foot always had to be on the floor. Newscasters were not allowed to tell the public something that was their opinion without stating in advance that it was opinion not news. Opinions were not outlawed, just placed in scenarios where everyone knew it was opinions based on the news that were being discussed. “Meet the Press” and Face the Nation, allowed the newscasters and makers of news to highlight their opinions without infringing on the actual news being produced. “Sixty Minutes” started a trend to document a news story into a real story. They would take the facts of the case and take you down a scenario that was designed to get you to reach the same conclusion that they did. Since it was from the news, we trusted that they displayed all the facts and did not hide or manufacture any information to further their cause. This was something you could believe to be true. This is also all gone. The system of trust I speak of in this paragraph has been dismantled.

All we get now is propaganda. Some rich person or group pushing a political agenda. You can not get a straight news read without the reader spinning it to suit their cause. And their facial expressions are getting ridiculous. The pleasure that Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper get when they read an anti Trump story approaches orgasmic! Hannity has said the same thing over and over so many times that it’s near impossible to hear a new story.

Some of our lawmakers have learned that a large percentage of democrats want to hear something dirty and rotten about President Trump. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or really newsworthy, it gets beamed all over the country because Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters said it.

It is not Russia or any other country that we have to be afraid of influencing our elections. It is the biased opinions and lies delivered as truths from our propaganda  spewing newsrooms.