Bigger more powerful guns and lot’s of them.

Gun owners are not pacifists, you are. You are not going to disarm gun owners with signs and ideology. Marches, signs and protests will not disarm legal gun owners. Your fear of guns and your lack of knowledge of how they work will not disarm us. The only thing that will disarm us is bigger more powerful guns and lots of them. If leftist gun control advocates were able to succeed in getting the government to confiscate all the legal guns in the United States, they would first have to start producing guns. Bigger more powerful guns. They would have to give them to a trusted group of people that were not passifistic, because trouble will ensue. The force to retrieve the guns, will have to be larger, more powerful and certainly more ruthless that the group that they are disarming. Your stupidity in your belief that guns are the problem and confiscating guns is a solution will earn you the opposite. Bigger and more powerful guns and lot’s of them.

My gun.


Your new gun. “New assault rifle will pack a punch like a tanks main gun”

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