I have been hibernating. I don’t like to go out much in the winter anymore and often I get to go long stretches indoors. I spent most of my young adult life fighting to stay warm in the winters. I don’t have to do that anymore, but the experience has heightened my enjoyment of warm and cozy during the cold weather season.

I have been immersed into an online game called Wurm. Created by Notch, the same person that brought us Minecraft, it’s a  very creative building game. It triggers the sweet spot in my brain that gives me pleasure when I create something beautiful, new or elaborate. I have been playing with “Crystlmalice.” She has a soft, beautiful voice and soothes the outrage that I usually show in these posts. I just can’t seem to get myself all worked up over politics and stupidity as I had been because of her friendship and Wurms immersive world.

Maybe I’ll be back to normal in the spring?

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