The Signal is a combination of my diary, journal and a sounding board. I use this place to show my feeling and beliefs in an atmosphere controlled by me. This is not Facebook. What I write here is not appropriate for my Facebook page.

The Signal

Climate Change

It has been a beautiful winter. Ellensburg has had a few inches of snow during Christmas and a few dustings since, but no accumulation at all so far. It is 58 degrees out just past noon. It is still too cold and too early to rejoice. A warmer than usual winter here is usually caused …


I have been hibernating. I don’t like to go out much in the winter anymore and often I get to go long stretches indoors. I spent most of my young adult life fighting to stay warm in the winters. I don’t have to do that anymore, but the experience has heightened my enjoyment of warm and …


Some of the highest members of the FBI started acting like they were in the KGB. Instead of admitting that they were too opinionated to fulfill their duties, they attempted to push their views onto the American public. This appears widespread in the FBI and Justice system and everyone should be horrified. Even if this …


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